Facilitation sees the design and formulation of a process that helps a group to obtain knowledge and information, work collaboratively, and accomplish their objectives. Facilitators have deep knowledge of group processes and structures, group and interpersonal dynamics and powerful communication skills. 

Planning Facilitation

Planning Facilitation leads individuals, teams, businesses, and sole operators through the key stages of business formation, development and growth. Our program supports the creation of concise plans that include analysis of S.W.O.T., clients, and competitors, articulation of service offering, market-penetration strategies, culture initiatives and staff engagement and definition of metrics and financial targets.

Clients who engage a Planning Facilitator

Business owners and leaders | Entrepreneurs | Businesses looking to diversify or accelerate growth | Recruiters | Realtors | Development professionals and teams | Insurances Brokers | Sales and Business Development professionals and teams | Financial Advisors | Lawyers

Innovation Facilitation

Innovation Facilitation supports teams in exploring new ideas, diversifying services, developing new products, processes and services, and managing change. Our programs utilize design thinking and tailored facilitation methodologies that uncover new perspectives and define innovative ways forward.

Clients who engage an Innovation Facilitator

Companies that need to diversify their service offering or respond to changing customer needs | Groups that are anticipating or experiencing a period of significant changes | Groups that want to capture collective thought | Groups that want to gain buy-in through fair process

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation provides custom-designed programs that deliver high-impact meetings. Professional facilitators manage dysfunction, maintain focus and energy, and find consensus and buy-in. Our services include agenda planning and pre-session information gathering, logistics and set-up, facilitation, and post-meeting reporting.


Boards | Executive teams | Departmental teams | Teams whose meetings lack purpose or relevance | Teams who meeting frequency is excessive or too infrequent | Teams whose meetings are poorly attended | Teams whose meeting outcomes are not being captured or whose deliverables are not being completed | Teams who are consistently ill-prepared for meetings

Experiential Team Building

Experiential Team Building is an invaluable tool in building and strengthening teams. Experiential learning is the most effective and efficient way to engage your team, improve performance and drive business impact. Our fun, immersive, behavioral-focused, and proven activities are designed to address specific outcomes determined by an organization.


New teams | Teams that are not engaged or connected | Remote teams | Dysfunctional teams | Teams that need to improve inter-departmental effectiveness

Facilitation sessions can be delivered to groups of 2 to 2000 people. Elevate Momentum works with clients from all over the world. Our team has experience throughout the US, Australia and the UK.