Coaching is a powerful approach to skill development, behavioral change and performance enhancement. Coaches are master-question-askers who use innovative tools and their own experience, to help their clients find their own solutions. 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is designed to develop the skills of any person who aspires to be a great leader, at every level of a business. Core leadership skills may include: self-awareness and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, resilience and work-life balance, time management and personal effectiveness, building effective teams, financial management, conflict management, coaching and mentoring, accountability and delegation, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, business and project planning, innovative thinking, risk and governance management and negotiation.

Clients who engage a Leadership Coach

Newly Promoted Leaders | Aspiring Leaders | Existing managers who want to improve their Leadership skills | Leaders who want to build a cohesive and collaborative team | Leaders who want to improve productivity | Leaders who want to build trust or overcome conflict

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is designed to support established Directors, Vice Presidents, Managing Directors and other senior leaders in cultivating highly effective behaviors. This program assumes the Executive has already considerable leadership and managerial experience, as our Executive Coaching program is more focused on behavioral change than skill development; acknowledging that the skills required of a great Executive are often similar to, if not the same as, those of a great leader (see skills detailed in Leadership Coaching above).  

Clients who engage an Executive Coach

Senior Leaders who want to build a cohesive and collaborative team | Existing Senior Managers who want to improve their Leadership skills and inspire others | Senior Leaders who want to improve their management skills and increase productivity | Senior Leaders who want to build trust or overcome conflict | Senior Leaders who want to communicate with impact | Senor Leaders who want to improve their own work-life balance and effectiveness

Productivity Coaching

Productivity Coaching is valuable for individuals and teams who work in client engagement and metrics-driven environments. Our approach focuses on developing the skills that underpin success; self-awareness and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, resilience and work-life balance, time management and personal effectiveness, conflict management and difficult conversations, entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, business planning, innovative thinking and negotiation.


Recruiters | Realtors | Development professionals and teams | Insurances Brokers | Sales and Business Development professionals and teams | Financial Advisors | Lawyers.

Team Effectiveness Coaching

Team Effectiveness Coaching builds the fundamental attributes of highly effective teams. Our group-focused program focuses on developing interpersonal relationships, conflict management skills, and goal setting and planning capabilities. The whole-of-team sessions can be supplemented by individual, leadership or executive coaching. 


Team with low trust or interpersonal understanding | Teams that lack healthy and safe conflict | Teams that lack meaningful internal commitment or accountability | Teams that are unproductive or not achieving results  | Teams with poor communication.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching supports individuals who are approaching or are in the midst of significant change or transition in their careers. Our program for people still in the workforce focuses on developing your networking, interviewing and negotiation skills. We also support you in developing a market-leading resume and executing our comprehensive “Job Hunt” strategy.  We also offer a targeted and unique Retiree’s Transition program, that supports the development of post-employment purpose, planning, and execution.


People who are preparing to change companies or industries  | People who are entering in the workforce for the first time | People re-entering the workforce after a prolonged absence  | Mothers/Fathers returning to work after a period as a stay-at-home parent | People experiencing an unforeseen termination of employment | People who are planning to retire or who have recently retired

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching supports individuals in examining all parts of their lives, setting meaningful goals for change and defining the way forward. We have developed a huge range of tools and activities that support the development of new habits and aid you in controlling mindset.


People that feel “stuck”, “bored” or are dissatisfied with life or an area of their lives | People who do not have personal goals or are not achieving their personal goals | People who have made a significant geographical relocation and feel “unsettled” or “lost | People whose relationship has ended and who are unsure of how to move forward | People who feel generally overwhelmed or unsure of how to make changes in their lives | People who want to improve a particular area of their lives  | People who believe that living an average life is enough.

Coaching sessions are delivered in highly flexible ways and can be conducted in person, over the phone or via Skype. Elevate Momentum works with clients from all over the world. Our team has experience throughout the US, Australia and the UK.