Elevate Momentum helps individuals, teams and companies increase productivity and realize their goals.  Our aim is to be your trusted partner, to grow your skills and to provide you with the tools that will allow you to continue succeeding long after we have worked together.


Elevate Momentum’s values sit at the core of everything we do. They are reflected in the behaviors of our team and affiliates, are evident in how and why we work with clients, and are central to how we live our lives.

Be curious: Ask questions, Read more, Seek answers, Pursue learning

Choose Positivity: Chase possibility, Find the good, See potential, Focus on opportunity

Find Objectivity: Weigh the facts, Challenge your thinking, Be thorough, Use the tools

Innovate: Dream big, Trust your gut, Throw-out the box, Rattle the cage


Elevate Momentum is a RDi Group company.

Clay Cousins


Clay believes that every person has the capacity to live the life they choose. He is driven by the desire to support people in achieving their goals, overcoming their limiting beliefs and contributing meaningfully to teams and communities.

For over 15 years, Clay has supported individuals and businesses in achieving their goals. His diverse experience and unique skills provide him with the ability to ask insightful and challenging questions. A natural innovator and persuasive speaker, Clay improvises and shapes creative solutions with ease. He has a track record of building collaborative teams, guiding strategic partnerships and delivering effective and sustainable solutions in diverse markets.


Leadership Coaching | Executive Coaching | Ideation Coaching | Productivity Coaching | Innovation Facilitation | Effective Meetings Facilitation | Experiential Team Building

Philippa Cousins

Philippa is motivated by supporting people to create powerful behaviors and achieve their goals. She is passionate about the power of self-understanding, emotional intelligence, flexible behaviors and goal setting.

For over a decade Philippa has provided Human Resources, Organizational Development and Operations Leadership to fast-paced and growing companies. She has created organizational efficiency and agility by aligning talent, systems, and strategic initiatives. Philippa has supported founders and executive teams in driving organizational growth and the development of their leadership skills. She has used her expertize to build and optimize systems to recruit, engage, develop and retain organizational talent across a global context.


Strategic HR & Operations Advisory | Personal Coaching | Transition Coaching | Leadership Coaching | Planning Facilitation | Experiential Team Building